Sejet Plant Breeding – winter wheat varieties in Europe

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Sejet Plant Breeding – spring barley varieties in Europe

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Sejet Plant Breeding

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From cross to final product
Each new variety has it origin in the greenhouse as a cross between existing elite varieties. Appox. 100.000 candidates are screened every in the field for higher yield, better resistance and quality. Only very few will be selected and continued.

For a new variety to be put in production it can not just match what is already on the market - it has to be better. This will be tested in official national trials. Multiplication of pure seed is carried out by selected farmers. In Denmark the varieties from Sejet are marketed by the strong coop DLG, and abroad by different partners.

The farmer
It is our main objective to breed new and improved varieties for the farmers, which also can meet the future challenges. Varieties with higher yield potential, robustness, good disease resistance, quality etc

Sejet Plant Breeding

Sejet Plant Breeding is placed in Jutland in Denmark. Our aim is to breed for higher yielding varieties with improved quality, strong disease resistances combined with good agronomic characteristics.

  • We use the latest technologies
  • We have our own breeding programmes
  • We have great success with our own varieties
  • We work closely with processing firms in many countries
  • We assure the quality of the varieties

You are welcome to contact Sejet Plant Breeding for advice on varieties.