About us

Breeding for the future

Sejet Plant Breeding

Sejet Plant Breeding was founded in 1947.  Our mission is to breed new and improved varieties well adapted to actual and future  growing conditions.

Today Sejet Plant Breeding is a very modern  breeding station, which  constantly evolves by implementing the newest techniques  etc. Sejet Plant Plant Breeding has its own breeding/representation program in most agricultural crops.

  • We use routinely the newest DNA technologies
  • We have own breeding in: spring barley, faba beans, winter barley, winter wheat and winter triticale.
  • We have successfully developed varieties like: Benchmark, Sheriff, Evolution, Hejmdal, Matros and Flair.  In France the spring  barley  variety Sebastian has  for many years been the most grown malting barley.
  • We have  very strong and fruitful collaborations with numbers of strong partners in many countries – ex  France, Germany, UK and Sweden.

Please feel free to contact us for any question.